Cuthbert Fleamarsh is a member of the elite and very special mufti organisation, the main aim of which is to perpetuate itself for all eternity at the expense of everything else. In an effort to save themselves, members in the phase two category must undertake a unique and self developed project, the successful completion of which will ensure a functional existence. Although relatively new to the club, Cuthbert is already at that stage in his life and he, along with a few colleagues, becomes part of an important sub group of fellows engaged in this most important work. As he finalises the plans for his mission, he keeps in touch with the others, keen to know how they are progressing until at last, he undertakes what will be his life's work. Sometimes surreal and always satirical, this novel shows the world as it really isn't and is humour at its very finest. (93.000 words)

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